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Top 6 HR Guides for a Successful 2017

Enhance your HR knowledge and skills going into the new year with our round-up of the top 7 HR guides for a successful 2017.

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9 Predictions That Will Transform HR In 2017

It’s that time of year again. Just when the holiday dust settles and everyone makes their resolutions for the new year, the predictions start to roll in. HR thought-leaders and forward-thinking companies start evaluating the year past and the one ahead, to speculate on what’s to come in 2017. Here are 9 predictions that we think will transform HR in 2017.

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Integrating Payroll and Group Benefits: A Natural Fit for Jordans Interiors

After one too many payroll managers turned in their two weeks notice, John Rutherdale, Controller at Jordans Interiors and Floor Coverings, knew a change was needed. Every exit interview had revealed a common reason for those staff departures—namely, the outdated ADP system. It was while conducting reference checks for a prospective Payroll Manager that John first learned of a better alternative. “I’m asking all these questions and every time, she jumped in and said, ‘But you should really try Rise,’” John remembers. Impressed by the strong recommendation, Jordans’ Controller scheduled a live demo for that very Friday.

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7 Reasons Why Allowing Dogs at Work is a No Brainer

Based on the wealth of experience at a number of progressive companies, here’s a list of the 7 reasons why you should welcome the idea of dogs at work.

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10 Companies with Amazing Workplace Wellness Programs

A list of 10 companies who have put creative, unusual, or extensive workplace wellness programs into practice and reaped real rewards as a result. So if you’re looking for a way to energize and inspire your workforce, keep reading.

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Savoury Chef: The Secret Ingredient In Their Recipe for Success

We recently caught up with Savoury Chef to ask them about their experience using Rise. Check out the testimonial video below to learn more about how Rise has saved them time, money and helped to improve their employee experience.

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