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Integrating Payroll and Group Benefits: A Natural Fit for Jordans Interiors

After one too many payroll managers turned in their two weeks notice, John Rutherdale, Controller at Jordans Interiors and Floor Coverings, knew a change was needed. Every exit interview had revealed a common reason for those staff departures—namely, the outdated ADP system. It was while conducting reference checks for a prospective Payroll Manager that John first learned of a better alternative. “I’m asking all these questions and every time, she jumped in and said, ‘But you should really try Rise,’” John remembers. Impressed by the strong recommendation, Jordans’ Controller scheduled a live demo for that very Friday.

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Handbook: New Hiring and Interviewing Techniques

That perfect new hire—you know, the one who couldn’t wait to join your company?—just turned in his two weeks notice. That means it’s back to the resume pile for you … hey, maybe this time, you’ll find someone that sticks. Listen, people leave. But after just three months? That’s a sign something is askew in your hiring process. We don’t want you blame yourself. Countless articles, books, and blogs exist to help job seekers ‘craft the perfect resume’ or ‘ace the interview’—there are far fewer for HR professionals looking to QA their Q&A. No wonder that 69 percent of businesses have felt the backlash of a bad hire. That’s where this eBook comes in.

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Handbook: A Guide to Terminating Employment

We know you don’t want to read this handbook. Terminating a team member is never easy—after all, who wants to tell someone you’re letting them go? But every people and culture pro will find themselves in this situation eventually … and it’s best to be prepared. That’s why we wrote this handbook, and it’s why we suggest downloading it now—even if you don’t need the advice right away. Chances are that one day, you will.

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Download: New Hire Checklist

Use this comprehensive checklist before, during, and shortly after you hire a new team member. That way, nothing gets lost or forgotten in the excitement of welcoming your new addition. You can ensure every member of your team has a similar onboarding experience, plus gets a thorough idea of how they’ll contribute. And that’s critical.

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Handbook: The Rise Guide to Compensating Your Team

Work should mean more than a paycheck—we espouse that all the time here at Rise. If your team members are only driven by dollars, something’s wrong … and, as a matter of fact, you don’t have a team. You have employees. You have human resources. (You know how much we hate that term!)

But however noteworthy your culture might be, people still want to get paid—and fairly. This handbook was written to address the occasionally awkward topic of cold, hard cash. Because yeah, we believe work should be about more than the paycheck … but to be honest, wages are still a pretty important part of work.

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Handbook: Creating an Effective Employee Welcome Package

A team member’s first few days, and indeed, their first few weeks, are critical to how they’ll work with the company long term. A solid welcome package is key for helping new team members settle in quickly and be productive right away.

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