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Handbook: Creating an Effective Employee Welcome Package

A new team member’s first few days, and indeed, their first few weeks, are critical to how they’ll work with the company long term. A solid welcome package is key for helping new team members settle in quickly and be productive right away.

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Welcome packages might take a bit of time to put together, but they offer a number of benefits for companies. They provide clear expectations and ideas about a company’s culture and values while also outlining company policies and providing more basic, administrative information.

Download the Rise handbook to Creating an Effective Employee Welcome Package

They can also be funat Rise, our welcome package can include a T-shirt, Rise mug, ping-pong paddles and more, which certainly helps our new colleagues feel like part of the team right away.

In this handbook, we’ll look at why team member welcome packages are important before delving into key points to consider when coming up with your own. Of course, it’s important to ask for input from multiple departments when creating your welcome package, but other considerations, such as the order of information you include, might not be so obvious.

We’ll then go through a few steps toward getting started creating your first employee welcome package or updating an existing one. We have even included a checklist of items that you might want to include!

Finally, we’ll talk about a few other parts of the onboarding process, such as taking new team members to lunch on their first day or organizing a training agenda for the first week or two.

Numerous companies such as Bonobo, Faband okay, us tooare taking creative approaches to welcoming new team members. There’s no shortage of examples for how to create an effective welcome package, so don’t be afraid to dive in and try something new. You might just be surprised at how small gestures can drastically increase a new team member’s comfort level and initial productivity.

Overall, welcome packages can be an important tool for building your company’s culture. They’ll touch each team member at the entry point to your organization, providing an opportunity to be deliberate about communicating the culture you want to create.

Download Creating an Effective Employee Welcome Package to learn about …

  • The importance of team member welcome packages
  • What to consider when creating your employee welcome package
  • Tips for getting started
  • A checklist of items to include in your welcome booklet
  • Other onboarding considerations to look at


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