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Handbook: A Guide to Terminating Employment

We know you don’t want to read this handbook. Terminating a team member is never easy—after all, who wants to tell someone you’re letting them go? But every people and culture pro will find themselves in this situation eventually … and it’s best to be prepared.

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That’s why we wrote this handbook, and it’s why we suggest downloading it now—even if you don’t need the advice right away. Chances are that one day, you will.

Download A Guide to Terminating Employment now!

Building the best possible team occasionally means letting certain people go. That’s hard enough, even without worrying about being sued. So how do you handle the delicate process of termination and make sure you don’t open the company up to litigation?

Letting go of a team member is never easy. Download our employee termination guide to make sure you do it right.

This handbook has you covered. We’ve included a checklist of items to prepare and take care of before firing a team member, along with a chart that details your legal obligations, in terms of notice and pay.

Wondering how to calculate payment in lieu of notice (and when that might be the best possible option)? You’ll find that in here as well.

People and culture pros talk a lot about team retention and collaboration. They’re fun things to consider, especially when it comes to culture-building. But as harsh as it sounds, firing someone can be a way to create company culture as well. Every member of the team contributes to workplace morale. If someone complains constantly or isn’t pulling their weight, you can bet that other team members will feel the negative effects.

It’s your role, as a people and culture professional, to prevent that toxic atmosphere. And sometimes, that means doing the hard thing.

Download A Guide to Terminating Employment to learn about …

  • An employer’s legal obligations, depending on jurisdiction
  • How to calculate pay in lieu of notice
  • What to prepare before meeting with the employee

Building your best team sometimes means saying goodbye. We’ve come up with a guide to help ease the pain of parting ways. Download the guide →


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