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Handbook: New Hiring and Interviewing Techniques

That perfect new hireyou know, the one who couldn’t wait to join your company?—just turned in their two weeks notice. That means it’s back to the resume pile for you … hey, maybe this time you’ll find someone who sticks.


Listen, people leave. But after just three months? That’s a sign something is askew in your hiring process.

Download QA Your Q&A: New Hiring and Interviewing Techniques for People and Culture Professionals

We don’t want you blame yourself. Countless articles, books, and blogs exist to help job seekers ‘craft the perfect resume’ or ‘ace the interview.’ Savvy job hunters know how to play the gameand that can backfire on you. In fact, 69 percent of businesses have felt the backlash of a bad hire. Yikes.

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While job seekers have access to a wealth of information, all designed to help them land the position, there are far fewer resources written for people and culture professionals. How do suss out pretenders and scope out a candidate’s real ability? Regardless of the position you’re looking to fill, there are strategies to keep in mind.

That’s where this handbook comes in. We’ve consulted people and culture experts everywhere to discover the best new hiring and interviewing techniques. From scouring that stack of resumes to planning your new team member’s very first day, we’ll tell you what steps to take to make sure they’re a superstar. More than that, we can help you tell whether or not they’ll be with you for the long haul.

How important are references? What are the limits around skills assessment exercises? Who should be in the interview room? We’ve sourced expert advice on all of those topics, plus some we bet you never considered. There’s even a list of interview questions you can use with your next candidate!

Download QA Your Q&A to learn …

  • The best interview questions to ask
  • When and why recruitment goes wrong
  • How to extend a winning offer

Check out the latest advice from recruiting rock stars. Download this guide →


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