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Download: New Hire Checklist

How do you introduce your company to a new hire? Are you keeping that messagingand experienceconsistent across the board?

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However good your intentions, it’s likely that something is slipping through the cracks. When you’ve been at a company for a while, immersed in the culture and unique vocabulary, it’s easy to forget some things aren’t common knowledge.

Download the new hire checklist now!

Besides, people and culture professionals have a lot on their plate. So while we all recognize onboarding is important, it can be hard to find the time to make pretty new hire checklists and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

That’s why we did it for you. Hey, we’re feeling generous.

Use this comprehensive checklist before, during, and shortly after you hire a new team member. That way, nothing gets lost or forgotten in the excitement of welcoming your new addition. You can ensure every member of your team has a similar onboarding experience, plus gets a thorough idea of how they’ll contribute. And that’s critical, as Marla Gottschalk explains.

Transition new hires into seasoned team members fast. Download our new hire checklist now!

“Make the effort to engage them in relevant conversations concerning their role and how its aligns with the organization,” the management consultant says. “It’s a little like ‘GPS’ for the workplace soul.” People want to know that they are valued and that they have the opportunity to make a difference in a meaningful way.

When understood this way, onboarding becomes a critical step to improving retention. We pour energy and resources into recruiting top players. The same effort should be put into keeping them … and that starts on day one.

Ready to make onboarding a top priority? Get the checklist now and start ticking those boxes off.

Download the new hire checklist for …

  • Advice on what to prepare prior to the start date
  • A list of action items for your new hire’s first day
  • Some ‘nice to have’ items that can help build your employer brand

Does your new hire look like a deer in headlights? Not a good look. Help them make a quick and seamless transition with our new hire checklist. Download the checklist →


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