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Last year, Canadian businesses trusted us with over
one billion dollars.

And we’ve never let them down. That’s because security has always been of utmost importance to us. We use the highest industry standards and employ better than bank-grade security measures to safeguard our clients’ data. As a result, we’re the preferred People & Culture platform of companies proven to value privacy and confidentiality, including numerous government agencies. We provide that same robust level of security to all our clients, regardless of their industry.

  • We’re serious about security. We use cutting edge data centres with round-the-clock security guards. As our client, nobody messes with your data. That’s a promise.
  • We use SSL, baby. That’s short for Secure Sockets Layer, but you’ll be most familiar with it as the S in “https://” in a URL. In short, it’s the standard security tech for encrypting links to ensure all your data remains private.
  • We keep things local. We don’t love the idea of outsourcing your most sensitive data, which is why all our servers are based here in North America.
  • We back it up. We back up all your information in multiple locations, and update them throughout the day to ensure nothing can go missing. That way if, say, an earthquake rocks the data centre in one city, your data will still be safe and sound in another city.
  • We background check. Before hiring anyone at Rise, we do a thorough background check to ensure everyone on our team has a clean criminal record. They’re all good, honest people (not to mention super smart).
  • We note every detail. We keep a careful, real-time audit log of everything that happens to your information. Every change — whether by you, one of us, a customer, or the automated system — is noted for future reference.