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Team Hub

Streamline onboarding, administration and employee engagement with the the Team Hub, an intuitive system of record for all HR essentials. Create a personalized dashboard where you can maintain company and employee records, store paperwork digitally, and access business intelligence reports that drive smarter HR decisions.

Complete Company Overview

Access a customizable view of your company and all your HR tools. Filter relevant data by department, team, or role to get actionable insights that can help you foster, scale, and maintain an intentionally great workplace.


Extensive Employee Profiles

Gain a deeper understanding of your team and use data to tailor your leadership style accordingly. Employee profiles house all employee information, including their entire journey with the company, at a glance. The employee summary card lets you compare the progress of individuals to company or departmental averages.

A Delightful Onboarding Experience

Streamline the employee onboarding and offboarding process with task templates that allow you to create and assign tasks and notify those responsible for them by email. Employees can see assigned tasks in their personal to do lists on their employee profiles.