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Time Off

Rise’s Time Off app lets you create unlimited custom leave policies, analyze internal time off trends, and simplify the process of requesting and approving time off, all through one intuitive application. Our comprehensive, cloud-based Time Off app is available as part of Rise’s complete platform, or as a standalone solution that integrates with your existing software.

Advanced Policy Management

Rise’s Time Off software is built around a powerful, customizable dashboard that shows your data in real time. Create an infinite number of custom policies based on role, seniority, department, and more, then use intuitive bonus modifiers to easily create exception rules and automatically enroll your employees.


Streamlined Review Process

It’s time to ditch cumbersome, overly complicated spreadsheets, don’t you think? Our powerful rules engine flags potential conflicts to make coordinating requests simple, while customized reviewer groups and approval paths ensure that the right people sign off on time off requests.

Easy-To-Use Time Off Calendar

Rise’s Time Off app lets you empower your employees to take time off, whether to go on vacation, look after their health, or take a personal day. Our cloud-based software lets team members check their banked days balance and request time off with an easy click-and-drag calendar that shows blackout periods and already-approved requests.